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AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow is a diesel fuel additive formulated to improve the flow of diesel fuel in cold weather conditions.

Diesel Cold Flow


A performance concentrate that delivers maximum results


Formulated with an advanced deicer to enhance fuel flow and help prevent fuel filter plugging in cold temperatures. AMSOIL Cold Flow Improver is formulated for a broad range of diesel fuels, including #1 diesel, #2 diesel, biodiesel and ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD).

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Package sizes include:

16-oz. Bottle

5-Gallon Pail

55-Gallon Drum

Check out "An Introduction to Diesel Fuel" to learn more about Diesel Fuel and how this product will benefit your vehicle's operation.


AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow (ACF) combats diesel fuel gelling by improving diesel cold-flow ability. It is formulated with an advanced deicer to enhance fuel flow and help prevent fuel filter plugging in cold temperatures. Diesel Cold Flow is formulated for a broad range of diesel fuels, including biodiesel and #1 and #2 ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD). Unlike all-in-one fuel additives that may sacrifice performance in specific areas in the name of convenience, AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow makes no sacrifices; it is purpose-built for diesel owners who demand maximum results.


Reduces Need for #1 Diesel Fuel

Using #1 diesel fuel is one traditional solution to cold-weather diesel fuel problems. While #1 diesel fuel has an advantage in low-temperature operability, the energy content of #1 diesel fuel is about 95 percent that of #2 diesel fuel, resulting in reduced fuel economy and less horsepower. In addition, the kerosene used in #1 diesel fuel provides less lubrication for the fuel pump and fuel injectors, increasing the likelihood for wear. AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow minimizes the need for blending standard #2 diesel fuel with lower-quality #1 diesel fuel, helping to maintain fuel economy and keep engines functioning normally.


Helps Prevent Gelling

As the temperature drops, the wax naturally found in diesel fuel begins to crystallize. The point at which wax crystals form is known as the cloud point. These wax crystals eventually clog the fuel filter and starve the engine of fuel, preventing it from starting. While low-quality fuels may form wax crystals in temperatures as warm as 40ºF (4ºC), most fuels have a cloud point near 32ºF (0ºC). The point at which the crystals clog the fuel filter is known as the cold filter-plugging point (CFPP). AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow lowers the CFPP by up to 20ºF (15ºC) in ULSD.


Additional Benefits

AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow uses a jet-fuel-type deicer that disperses water to control ice formation throughout the fuel system. It inhibits wax crystal formation and can improve diesel pour point as much as 58ºF (32ºC), allowing fuel to flow to the engine more easily and improving diesel engine reliability in cold temperatures.


    Disperses water to control ice formation & prevent gelling

    Improves diesel cold flow ability by up to 20°F (15°C)

    Enhances engine reliability in cold temperatures

    Improves startability

    Reduces downtime & maintenance costs



AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow is specially formulated for improving the flow of diesel fuel, helping to maintain the integrity of fuel and prevent the clogging of filters and injectors. It is excellent for use with diesel fuels, heating oils and kerosene.






Add before filling tank. AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow must be added at temperatures above the diesel fuel cloud point (the temperature at which wax begins to crystallize). It will not reverse gel or wax crystals once formed. Do not store at temperatures below 0ºF (-18ºC). If product freezes, rewarm and shake thoroughly to restore normal functionality. Excellent for use with AMSOIL Cetane Boost and AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean.

Treat rate for AMSOIL cold flow improver treat rate. 2 oz per 5 gal, 4 oz per 10 gal, 12 oz per 30 gal, 16 oz per 40 gal


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Diesel Cold Flow Improver

Q & A

What is AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow (ACF)?


AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow is a diesel fuel additive formulated to improve the flow of diesel fuel in cold weather conditions. The chemistry in Diesel Cold Flow combats fuel gelling and disperses water in the fuel to control ice formation.



When should Diesel Cold Flow be used?


Diesel Cold Flow is a preventive product and should be used when ambient temperatures fall below 40 degrees F., as some fuels form wax crystals above freezing. Once wax crystals have formed, Diesel Cold Flow will not reverse the effects, so diesel fuel should always be treated at temperatures above which waxes form.


If diesel fuel wax has already formed, operators should use AMSOIL Diesel Fuel Recovery (DRC) to dissolve waxes in the fuel filter, fuel lines and injectors.



How does Diesel Cold Flow work?


Waxes in diesel fuels are carried over in the refining process and solidify when temperatures fall during winter months. The waxes plug fuel filters and injectors, keeping fuel from reaching the engine. AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow works by disrupting crystal formation of waxes keeping the wax small enough to flow through the fuel system to the engine.



How does the industry test the ability of fuel additives to keep wax dispersed?


Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) is used primarily to gauge the quality of cold flow additives. This is a standardized test which approximates the lowest temperature that a diesel fuel will continue to flow. It is specifically the lowest temperature at which diesel fuel passes through a standardized filter (45 micron screen) over a 60 second period.



What are some of the benefits of using Diesel Cold Flow?


Increased reliability for both starting and engine operation in cold temperatures

Reduced downtime and repairs

Anti-gelling performance and pour point reduction

Jet-fuel-type deicer controls ice formation

Can be used in many different types of diesel fuels

Alcohol free

Minimizes the use of #1 diesel fuel in cold climates.



Why does Diesel Cold Flow have to be stored above freezing?


AMSOIL recommends storage of Diesel Cold Flow above 0°F (-18°C). ACF, when not mixed with diesel fuel, can solidify when exposed to freezing temperatures. If found frozen, thaw product, shake and use normally.

Freezing will not harm the performance of the product.

Can Diesel Cold Flow be mixed with other AMSOIL diesel fuel additives?


Yes. Diesel Cold Flow is fully compatible with Diesel Injector Clean (ADF) and Diesel Cetane Boost (ACB). TheCold Flow improver found in Diesel Injector Clean + Cold Flow (DFC) is of the same formula as Diesel Cold Flow. Although these products are compatible, there is no reason to mix them.



Are there any environmental benefits?


Alcohol free

Minimizes the need for #1 diesel in cold temperature



Can Diesel Cold Flow be used in home heating fuel?


Yes. AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow is excellent for use with heating fuels, diesel fuels and kerosene.



If refiners make changes to diesel fuel in winter months, why do cold flow improvers need to be used?


During cold weather months, fuel refiners produce a #1 diesel fuel that flows more readily in colder temperatures. Some refiners also produce a product termed a winter blend which is a blend of #2, #1 and potentially cold flow improver additives. Fuel varies significantly in different regions, and refiners estimate how low the temperature will actually drop in these regions. Depending on the fuel source and temperature mix, fuel directly from gas stations may cause issues with wax formation, preventing vehicles from starting and stalling while on the road.



Can Diesel Cold Flow be used in any diesel engine?


Yes. Diesel Cold Flow can be used in any diesel engine, and it is recommended for use in all types of heavy- and light-duty, on- and off-road and marine diesel engines.



Will using Diesel Cold Flow void engine warranties?


No. Diesel Cold Flow is tested and proven and will not void engine warranties.



Is there anything different with AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow and AMSOIL Cold Flow Improver?


No. The formula of AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow is the same formula used in AMSOIL Cold Flow Improver. The packaging and label have been updated.



What package sizes does Diesel Cold Flow come in?


Diesel Cold Flow comes in 16oz bottles, 5 gallon pails, and 55 gallon drums.

What is the treat rate for Diesel Cold Flow?